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November 22, 2003

Saturday, November 22, 2003
Freedom Of The Press
So I see this in the Cincinnati Enquirer today.

The Louisville Courier Journal is, despite Gannett's best efforts, still the premier paper in the state (and possibly the area - it puts the Enquirer and usually the Indianapolis Star to shame). I wonder why Gov.-Elect Ernie Fletcher (R-McConnell's Lapdog) would feel the need to screen questions from their reporters.

The newspaper's executive editor said he had heard "nothing but generalities" and had no specific information about the Fletcher staff's complaints. He also said he had never received a complaint.

Irvin also said the policy was not imposed because of a single news story but sprang from some long-standing "matters of fairness and professionalism."

"This is an issue that has really grown over time," Irvin said in an interview. He declined to elaborate.

I want to know exactly what that issue is.


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Thursday, November 20, 2003
They're REALLY Not Even Hiding It This Time
This little item in the Guardian (UK) should set off MAJOR ALARM BELLS:

War Critics Astonished As US Hawk Admits Invasion Was Illegal

The money quote, if it's accurate:

President George Bush has consistently argued that the war was legal either because of existing UN security council resolutions on Iraq - also the British government's publicly stated view - or as an act of self-defence permitted by international law.

But Mr Perle, a key member of the defence policy board, which advises the US defence secretary, Donald Rumsfeld, said that "international law ... would have required us to leave Saddam Hussein alone", and this would have been morally unacceptable(emphasis added).

I can't even begin to comment on that without my head exploding.

(link via Atrios)


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Wednesday, November 19, 2003
The "President" Overseas
Short form of THIS SPEECH:

"We saved your asses in Dubya Dubya Two. And that's morally equivalent to Eye-rack."

Yeah, for the love of Jeebus, they just LOVE it when we leave out Winston Churchill, de Gaulle and the French Resistance (call THEM "cheese-eating surrender monkeys." I dare you.), and every single European who died.

Does this man's arrogance and ignorance know ANY boundaries? Nov. 2, 2004 cannot get here soon enough.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2003
Paging Bill Bennett
Atrios gives us this little number about Rush Limbaugh and the law (scroll down to "Money Laundering Limbo?").

I'm trying not to engage in schadenfreude, but when people defend Rush because "he's obviously a victim of his addiction" while letting other victims of their addiction die on the street ("they're just criminals, you see, and most of 'em ain't even white!"), I'm kinda hoping he gets nailed to the wall on this one.


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Monday, November 17, 2003
From The Halls Of Montezuma To The Shores Of...
Via Atrios, blogger extraordinary and plenipotentiary, we find this little nugget about A Marine's Girl, also a very fine blogger.

Seems a retired USMC (alleged) Gunnery Sergeant did not like the fact that the girlfriend of a Marine stationed in Iraq was disagreeing with Dear Leader Bush. So, he trumped up charges that she was disclosing classified information and reported her, attempting to get her blog shut down.

Well, just like the men (and women) of honor that REAL Marines are, Marines rushed to her rescue. Seems this "Gunny" fella may not even be a real Marine. Now, as you know, I'm not exactly the military type (to put it mildly). But even *I* know - DO NOT MESS WITH THE USMC. If "Gunny" was impersonating a Marine, and Marines find out who and where he is...

Semper Fi, folks. Good to know the American military is still defending American ideals, the current commander-in-thief notwithstanding. I'm not alone in thinking the GOP can't count on the military vote being the lock it usually is for them.


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Sunday, November 16, 2003
Laissez les bon temps roulez!
The state that gave us Huey Long, David Duke, James Carville, and (my personal favorite), Justin Wilson, the Cajun Cook now gives us as its new governor...(drum roll)...
Kathleen Blanco.

She beat Bobby Jindal, a Republican of Asian-Indian descent and the hand-picked protege of current Republican governor Mike Foster.

On the social issues, there wasn't a lot of difference. So why am I, as a professed progressive who would disagree with both of them on many issues, doing my happy dance?

Two reasons:
(1) Just like last year, when Senator Mary Landrieu won re-election over Suzanne Terrell, this stems what had been a GOP tide in the south (and maybe nationwide). The elections in Kentucky and Mississippi that gave us GOP governors were arguably simply the final manifestation of the shift from Democrat to Republican in those states' politics. Louisiana is more of a toss-up state, and no Democrat running for President should forget that.

(2) I believe in a big-tent party, and unlike some of my friends in the progressive movement, I firmly believe there is a place for moderate and (yes, even) conservative Democrats in the Democratic Party. It shows that we progressives truly are tolerant and willing to listen to other viewpoints. Joe Lieberman, right-wing as he is, still votes with the Democratic party more often than not.* If we are going to re-take the White House in 2004, it's going to take everyone from the Ralph Nader voters to the NASCAR dads.


(*Note - the exception to this is Sen. Zell Miller. Why he continues to call himself a Democrat is completely beyond me. It's a big tent, but it doesn't abut the Conservative Circus.)